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Postpone reception and keep the ceremony or do both

Elisa, on June 30, 2021 at 02:08 Posted in Wedding reception 0 6
My wedding is on the 14th of august, just got notified that for the reception we still
Can’t dance or mingle.
I’m deciding if we get the wedding ceremony done on the 14th and postpone the reception in September so we can dance? Or do all on the 14th? Not dance?


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  • Merryam
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    My fiancé and I originally postponed our whole camping-on-a-ranch wedding until August 2022, but restrictions have been almost entirely lifted (minus having a "safety plan") where we live. We are now last-minute (literally 2 months out) planning a mostly-normal wedding ceremony + reception for whoever is able to make it this August; we are keeping our big venue for August 2022 so we, then, can have our big weekend party with ALL of our friends and family as a delayed reception/1-year anniversary party!

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  • Tunisha
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    Hello Elisha,
    I’m sorry that it seems like the party vibes is not going to be apart of your day.

    Is dancing and mingling important to your big day? If so, I totally understand with having your ceremony and then when things are officially open, to have your reception to enjoy the party and mingling. In this case, would the venue be open to having the date for the reception?
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  • Christiana
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    Did you get that info from your venue or somewhere else? I've been trying to find information about weddings and mingling/dancing because they didn't really cover that in the announcement yesterday. The province had sort of hinted dancing and mingling would be allowed in weddings in step 3 and I assumed receptions would be covered under personal gatherings, since that's what it's been this whole time. Very disappointed they didn't make it a bit clearer to couples earlier that receptions would also fall under organized gatherings.

    I personally wouldn't go ahead with a reception where I can't go around and talk to my guests. I just don't think I could justify spending thousands of dollars for everyone to sit at their own tables like we're at a glorified restaurant. But it's going to be different for different people. If you will be happy with your wedding without dancing/mingling then it might be worth pushing forward and doing it all in August since it's not even completely clear what September will be like.

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  • Rayanne
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    I think the reopening is harder on weddings than the complete lock down almost. It's so frustrating not knowing what your next move should be. Good luck though. I hope you figure out something that works for you.
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  • Elisa
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    I haven’t sent the invites yet, I was waiting for the July 1st announcement but I heard I can have more people
    But no dancing and mingling.
    I find it weird to have a wedding and I can’t really go and we can’t talk to our family. I will be informing the hall that I booked to see what options I have. I was a little bummed out… that’s all.
    I have the church all booked all ready to go. For the 14th.
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  • Hank
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    You can weigh the options - is postponing a month for the sake of a dance party worth it? If you absolutely need dancing and not having dancing is a deal breaker for you, then you should postpone if the venue can accommodate. If dancing is just a nice to have but not a must have, then do you really want to postpone, especially if you've already sent out invites and people have booked your date off.

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