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Curious October 2023 Manitoba

Photoshoping Wedding Photos

HauntedHeartBrides, on October 24, 2023 at 22:12 Posted in Just married 0 2

So this past Friday was my wedding, and while I had a wonderful time, several things went wrong that are constantly reminded via my wedding photos.

For one, my mother-in-law, while hemming my dress, decided to go ahead without asking and added fabric to the straps to "hide my bra straps". Thing is, I wore a bra for the fitting, but I was wearing a strapless bra for the wedding! Had she suggested it, I would have let her know not to. Instead, she went ahead and added not only fabric, but fabric that didn't match the dress whatsoever. As a result, I look like I'm wearing a white sports bra under my champagne dress!

My wife told me as I discussed my displeasure to her that her mother tends to charge ahead without asking about things, and that it was best to just roll with it, which only made me tear up more.

When I asked MIL about it, she got upset and suggested that I should be grateful to her considering that she hemmed the dress for free and also was helping pay for the wedding, so I dropped it despite wanting to demand that she remove the fabric from the dress ASAP (She didn't drop off our dresses until 30 minutes before the ceremony started.).

Secondly, the officiant was suppose to wear black with a matching black cape she said she wanted to wear given the theme of the wedding was a Witch's Ball. Instead she showed up in a jean jacket covered in Pride patches. While I normally would have loved such a jacket, I assumed she was going to replace it with her cape for the ceremony and didn't realize she was wearing it until I was walking down the aisle.

This not only clashed with the aesthetic of the wedding, but upset my conservative family who already was uncomfortable attending a same-sex wedding, and felt that I was throwing my sexuality in their faces by having the officiant wear the jacket.

My question is, does anyone know if it's possible to photoshop the white strap out of my wedding photos? I know there isn't much that can be done regarding the officiant, but if I can get the straps out of my photos then I probably won't break down in tears whenever I look at them.

Below is a close up of the dress and officiant.

Photoshoping Wedding Photos 1


Latest activity by Hank, on October 31, 2023 at 01:18
  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    It's not impossible but it would be time consuming or incur an additional cost. If you must go this route, I suggest asking to do it for just one or two photos as opposed to all of them.

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  • Julie
    Featured May 2023 Ontario
    Julie ·
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    OMG - so sorry to hear this. Trust me, I had my own issues as well with photos. You could try, if the pics are digital to try and erase the errors out. I did that with the picture my sister took of our first dance. The DJ was in the shot and I used my phone to remove him. If not, your photographer should be able to edits to your pics. Good luck, i hope you can sort that out.

    Photoshoping Wedding Photos 2

    Photoshoping Wedding Photos 3

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