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Newbie September 2023 Ontario

Order of the day

Sabina, on July 30, 2023 at 09:22 Posted in Before the wedding 1 8
Hello brides ❤️

September 2023 bride here! Need some help with the timeline for our day. Our ceremony is at 4pm and we’re thinking to do a first look, thinking to have that at 2pm so what time should we start to get ready with the bridal party?
My bridal party thinks this takes away time for them to get ready and now I am thinking to go to the venue earlier on my own for our first look.


Latest activity by Joy, on August 18, 2023 at 11:01
  • Joy
    Frequent user August 2023 Nova Scotia
    Joy ·
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    I'm having the ceremony at 3pm, and aiming to get everyone to my place somewhere between 10-11 to get ready. That includes hair, makeup, nail polish, and getting dressed. That way there's time for dresses to be steamed out, and not have to rush.

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  • B
    Newbie July 2024 Nova Scotia
    Betina ·
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    For a 4pm ceremony and 2pm first look, I'd recommend starting hair and makeup at around 10-11am. That gives your team 2-3 hours to work their magic so everyone is photo ready by the 2pm first look.

    I understand your bridal party's concern about getting ready time. One option is to see if you can move up the first look to 1pm - that buys them an extra hour. Or if keeping it at 2pm is important for photos, consider covering the cost of having your pros start a little earlier, like 9am.

    Going solo to the venue for a first look is romantic, but don't forget the getting ready process is such a fun bonding experience! Maybe consider a compromise...arrive early yourself for some solo bridal portraits, but still get glammed up with your besties.

    No matter what you decide, you're going to look stunning and have an amazing day! Congrats!

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  • Kelli
    Featured September 2024 Alberta
    Kelli ·
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    Try to look at makeup/hair artists and see what times work for them. As kaitlin said your bridal party is there to support you! It’s your special day and ultimately make the decisions that are best for you!
    Hope this helps!
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  • K
    Curious September 2021 Alberta
    Kaitlin ·
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    Your bridal party should be there to support you! and you are the one that it matters how gorgeous you look. SO do what you like, and what you want.

    talk to your photographer for time for photos.

    FOR me. i do not like early mornings. you may be up a little late the night before worrying over details or whatever. keep time for a sleep in - for yourself. Throw those bridesmaids to the hairdresser before you! lol. I've been a bridesmaid too, i'm not just being an ass. But i also trusted my girls to make themselves look lovely, they did their own hair and makeup. Just had a be ready by time (and added a 20 min buffer for safety).

    Another idea. My dad for some reason didnt want to (or just didnt, i dont know that it was intended) see the dress while mom and i were agonizing over accessories and alterations etc. So we did a first look pictures with him. they are the absolute sweetest. Just an idea for an important person in your life, mom, dad, brother, grandparent. it was really really really sweet!

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  • C
    VIP September 2023 Ontario
    Carine ·
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    The first look with your husband can be done 30 minutes before the ceremony while everyone is waiting around.

    This way it doesn't take away from people getting ready.

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  • Liberty
    Featured May 2022 Alberta
    Liberty ·
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    We had a 4pm ceremony with a first look. I've attached our wedding day timeline. I don't really see how it takes time away from them. We also did bridal party photos right after the first look so they only had an hour or less between the first look and needing to be ready for their photos.
    Order of the day 1

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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    It depends how many people you have and how many artists are working simultaneously.

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  • Jackie
    Featured September 2023 Alberta
    Jackie ·
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    If you are getting your hair and makeup done professionally I would ask this question of your artists. They will know how much time is needed depending on how many people you have and what is being done.
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