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Frequent user July 2022 Ontario

No one comment on my pictures

Jasmine, on September 19, 2022 at 16:40 Posted in Just married 0 7

I post pictures of my wedding on instagram and facebook but no one talks about how pretty i am in my dress or how good i look. i only get comments on my husband n people tell him he how handsome he is. even his mom get comment for her dress!


Latest activity by Alyx, on September 20, 2022 at 10:22
  • Alyx
    Featured September 2022 Alberta
    Alyx ·
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    It’s hard not to get consumed my social media!! When I see friends that babies get 150 likes and mine get 30 I’m like what why?? But it’s silly and petty! That’s still 30 people and I don’t have as many friends or followers as other people!
    Try not to get consumed by it! I’m sure you looked beautiful! And if you felt beautiful and had the best day then that’s all that matters!
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  • Julie
    Featured May 2023 Ontario
    Julie Online ·
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    Ditto....posts some pics so we can all see Smiley smile

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  • Carine
    Featured September 2023 Ontario
    Carine ·
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    Like Stevie said post here we will hype you up for sure. But I wouldn't be worried about the likes and comments, it was a wedding and not a competition on who looked better. Enjoy your time with your new Husband and who cares what social media has to say.

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  • Stevie
    Curious September 2023 Ontario
    Stevie ·
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    Post your pictures here so we can hype you up! 🙌🏻
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  • Jasmine
    Frequent user July 2022 Ontario
    Jasmine ·
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    They do comment! but theyonly say how brides made look sexy or how the groom looks good and no one talk about how i look good so i feel selfcautious.

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  • Amanda
    Featured August 2022 British Columbia
    Amanda Online ·
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    I personally wouldn't worry so much about it
    people these days are too consumed about how many likes and comments people get. You didn't get married to just get likes and comments.
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  • Jamie
    Frequent user June 2022 British Columbia
    Jamie ·
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    I'm not sure what you are hoping people say to you in this thread, but i'd just say who cares if people don't comment on your wedding posts. You didn't get married to get comments on social media...well, hopefully not anyway LOL

    I'm sure you looked great!

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