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Stacey Tc
Devoted August 2022 Saskatchewan

Name Change realities

Stacey Tc, on November 22, 2021 at 13:57 Posted in Just married 0 5

There have been many topics in the past about How to change my name, When to change my name, Should I change my name.

I thought I'd make a topic about some realities that don't get discussed often.

Background on me. About 5 or 6 years ago I started using a "stage name". I used my legal birth name through university and community productions but during an acting/production hiatus I had a lot happen in my life and (without going through it) the connection to my father's surname was an association of trauma.

Identity crisis

I started using a different name in theatre, socially/online but still using my legal name professionally and (of course) legally. There was a point that being called either name didn't feel right.

As much as you love your spouse, there may be a period of being called Mrs. X or Ms. X (or Mr new name) that will feel strange and that's ok! After being called by one name for 20-30+ years being called by a new name is strange, no matter how much you love your new spouse and your new name.


Most of these tips I only started doing with my new married name but have definitely helped me and I hope can help you.

Combine names

About 3 years ago, I changed my social media names to Stacey TC (just like on here) due to my legal name and stage name starting starting with the same letter. You can start assuming your new surname casually. If I didn't have my stage name I probably would have change my social media to Stacey Taylor Clark (names substituted). I also started using Stacey Taylor Clark on my online shopping address line. Even if you don't plan on including your former surname in your legal name change, this is a simple ting to start doing.

Email lists

Any email lists I've signed up for online or in a store I've started using Stacey Clark, It's a small thing but to have an email come to my inbox addressed to Mrs or Ms Clark or a store clerk saying it, feels like a positive sense of identity.


Practice your new signature!

If you are going to be changing, or hyphenating your name, practice your signature! You are going to have to start using it as soon as you start changing your Driver's License, banking info, medical info etc.


Anyone have anything that they've done, that has helped them?

Please make sure that by assuming a new name, you aren't doing anything illegal (such as Quebec). Know what you can/cannot do in your province.


Latest activity by Stacey Tc, on November 23, 2021 at 13:15
  • Stacey Tc
    Devoted August 2022 Saskatchewan
    Stacey Tc ·
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    Good point. There are cultures where the naming traditions and customs are very different. Even if someone is living in Canada or the States doesn't mean that being able to change their name is a choice they have.
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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    This is informative for those who are getting their names changed as cultural basis can be different to keep in mind:

    The brides in any Indian culture take their husbands last name once married and not keep their current Ms. surname. I can't say its all the same for other cultures as the brides do have that choice though it may be a common thing for them. I know here in Canada and US, its different for what is said as mentioned being true.

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  • Rere
    Frequent user September 2022 Ontario
    Rere ·
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    Wow, very informative. However I choose to just hyphenate FH last name. Simple add I hope lol.
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  • Laura
    Devoted June 2022 Ontario
    Laura ·
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    All great thoughts Stacey! I've decided to keep my surname as I identify strongly with it, and I don't want the hassle that comes with changing all of my legal documents to a new name.

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  • Stacey Tc
    Devoted August 2022 Saskatchewan
    Stacey Tc ·
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    I forgot to note. Please remember that you don't HAVE to ever change your name if you don't want to Smiley smile

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