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My wedding date (not yet decided) + quebec

Kacy, on June 21, 2017 at 17:18 Posted in Wedding Tests 0 1

Hello all!

Sorry to flood the discussion board with this discussion but... I am excited about the gift lol

I have been part of this community for quite some time now, and so some of you who have conversed with me may be wondering "how in the world, does she still not have a date??". Short answer is: I put wedding planning on the backburner for a bit. Long answer: well I won't get into all of it, but the longer short answer is that wedding planning was become too stressful, too frustrating, too dragged out. FH is wonderful, but his brain is way too occupied at this time, and will be until probably the end of this year as a result of him trying to finish his PhD. A huge positive and one less stress for me is that I have set aside a gigantic chunk of the wedding budget so I am happy about that!

I will enjoy wedding planning once the big ticket items are decided (ex. venue +/- catering, alcohol); to me that has been the least fun on account of the prices and my entourage's expectations of what a "wedding should look like". I look forward to that being settled so that I can shop for the dress, decorations, rings.. all the aesthetics Smiley laugh



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Latest activity by Zoë, on June 22, 2017 at 06:48
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    Hello Kacy! haha so funny the pictures!!! You have to enjoy every little things, that makes it special! Thank you so much for participating. How is the planning going? I have send you a private message with the gift. Let me know if you like it and maybe you can share it with us.I just made this game I think you will like, it’s about finding out what kind of bride you are . xx

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