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Newbie June 2024 Ontario

moh no longer wants to give a speech- 10 days before the wedding

Louise, on June 4, 2024 at 23:02 Posted in Before the wedding 0 2
Just venting here. My MOH is a friend I’ve known since childhood. I also have 3 sisters, who are BMs. I thought about having one of my sisters as MOH but had a hard time choosing between them so I asked this close friend instead, and I am happy to have her! I asked her months ago if she would be willing to say a few words at the reception, and she agreed. I made it clear at the time that if she wasn’t comfortable doing so, that that would be fine and I would ask my sisters instead. But since she is MOH, it is custom (at least in my experience) for her to say a speech and so I wanted to ask her first. We have a long lasting friendship and many memories that can be mentioned.
Now it is 10 days before the wedding and she tells me that she is super nervous to give a speech due to anxiety public speaking and asked if I would rather someone else speak instead. I am trying to be understanding and I of course don’t want to force anyone into saying anything, but I am annoyed at the timing of this. I wish she had told me earlier and we could have figured something out. My fiancé has both his best man as well as his brother saying a speech. I have now asked my sisters to say one but I feel bad that is so last minute. What is the best way to handle this situation?


Latest activity by Hank, on June 8, 2024 at 02:12
  • Hank
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    Hank ·
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    Can you have one of your sisters go up with her at the same time? Maybe that would calm your MOH's nerves.

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  • Kate
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    Kate ·
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    Hi Louise,

    It sounds like you have done everything you can! I appreciate that you gave her an out at the beginning and she still agreed so there's no way you could have planned for this last minute change. I think I would have your sisters step in and say something and just leave your MOH speaking, off the table, as you don't want to flip flop back and forth. It's a shame she could not have figured it out and pushed through and done it as I agree with you, this is very last minute and kind of inconsiderate but MAYBE she was holding off because she really did want to speak and was hoping she could find the courage to do so - I don't know, it's not easy but I think you're doing what you can with the cards you have!

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