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Marriage license and name change?

Amanda, on January 17, 2018 at 15:16 Posted in Saskatchewan 0 1
So I know you buy your marriage license and where, but when do it how do you change your last name? Does it cost money ? Can anyone tell me what steps to take Smiley smile ?

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    Hey! You'll likely need to contact each "item" that you want your name changed on separately. You will need your marriage certificate first in order to do so at many of the places that I've looked into. Here are the steps that I'm taking:
    1. Order a marriage certificate from eHealth. Wait about 3? weeks for it to arrive...
    2. Update sk health card, also eHealth.
    3. SGI licence and registration change.
    4. Banking info.
    5. CRA -If you use myCRA Online, this should be pretty simple.
    6. New SIN card - I haven't looked into the details yet.
    7. Anything that comes in the mail that has my maiden name on it, ex, SaskTel bills, etc.
    8. LAST OF ALL (because its apparently a LONG waiting process), apply for a new passport.

    Also, if you are leaving the country shortly after getting married, I've heard that it's best to wait to change your name... You wouldn't want to run into name confusion at the border...

    Good luck!
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