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Kids Wedding Favours

Gabrielle, on January 17, 2019 at 09:14 Posted in DIY 0 9
Is anyone making different wedding favours for the kids at their wedding? We will have 7 children (ages 18 month to 10 yrs) at our wedding and would like to do something more kid-friendly for them.I was thinking some coloring pages, lollipops, and crayons. Is anyone else doing something like this? If so, what are you doing?


Latest activity by Tyanna, on January 18, 2019 at 00:21
  • Tyanna
    Super June 2019 British Columbia
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    We are buying cheap table cloths and throwing some sharpies on ththe tables for kids to draw on. We will also have some colouring books and games. We only have 6 kids coming and 2 are under a year so I'm not too worried but it's nice to think about! I also saw this on pinterest and loved it!

    I love the idea of giving them disposable cameras 馃槄

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  • K
    Expert June 2019 Ontario
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    We will have several toddlers and kids so will be doing favours for them... I'm not 100% decided what will be in them but thoughts so far are a snack and drink/reusable straw cup, crayons, bubbles, glow sticks, lego, disposable camera with list of eye spy items. Pinterest has tons of cute ideas!
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  • Allison
    Master October 2019 Ontario
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    We will have a total of 4 kids at the wedding under 18 and 2 are in the wedding party so they will already have something.

    We are doing candy favours for everyone but now I'm thinking about stickers/goody bag for them, depending on age lol

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  • Gina
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    We have over 10 kids that will be under the age of 12. So we will definitely be doing some type of bag at their seat. I鈥檒l have to start looking into making those soon! I love this community for reminding me of things I need to get done!
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  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
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    Yep! We are not doing candy but we are giving kids goodie bags with books and colouring things and stickers to keep them entertained and to take home!

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  • Peggy
    Super May 2019 Alberta
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    The kids at our wedding will get the same candy favour. But they will ALSO get an activity pack at each of their seats. I made up an activity/colouring book (8 pages), will put in crayons, and a simple toy or two from the dollar store, and voila! Special packages for special kids.

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  • Rachael
    Super October 2019 Ontario
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    My fianc茅 and I have nieces and nephews, but they'll be the only kids attending our wedding (thankfully). I have considered getting them different wedding favourites in the form of something edible (like decorated cookies).

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  • Bianca
    Master August 2019 Ontario
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    I like the idea of having a "goodie" bag for the kids to keep them occupied during the wedding. I'm nor doing anything like this tho since we're not having many kids at the wedding.

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  • Tori
    Top October 2019 Manitoba
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    I won't be having kids at my wedding at all, but I love the idea of a colouring book and crayons for the kids 2+, for the baby or babies - I would suggest a new soother or something for them to play with like a stuffed animal or teething ring.

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