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Kids Table?

Hank, on March 17, 2020 at 12:43 Posted in Wedding reception 0 9

For those with children aged 5-10 at your wedding reception, are you placing them at a kids table so they can be with people their own age? Or are you just having them sit with their respective parents?


Latest activity by Casey, on March 23, 2020 at 13:03
  • Casey
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·
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    It really depends what you want, and what the parents want.
    We had a table of children, age 2 - 15. All cousins/ siblings. For the most part the younger kids were very good as they had their older siblings there with them. The 2 year old switched between mom and dad during dinner, but it worked out. They were fairly quiet throughout dinner

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  • Nelly
    Devoted October 2021 Ontario
    Nelly ·
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    During dinner we are having them sit with their parents and afterwards they could sit at a table with children their own ages. We will be supplying games for them
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  • S
    Expert September 2020 Quebec
    Shannon ·
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    If you must have children at your wedding, sit them with their parents. you as the bride would not have to worry about others children.

    A kids table is a great idea, that I was actually going to do before we decided, no child. Thing is with a kids table, who will keep an eye on them?

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  • Amanda
    Devoted September 2022 Alberta
    Amanda ·
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    For kids that age I would keep them with their parents, less risk of the parents missing out on dinner if they are needed at the kids table every two minutes. The kids at our wedding are 10-16 with the exception of our youngest son at 7 but who acts like a 30 yr old lol!! We will also be having an area where they can lounge and chill, and do some activities geared to their age if they don’t want to dance all night!

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  • Geneviève
    VIP September 2020 Ontario
    Geneviève ·
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    I agree with the others. Keep them with the parents so they can keep an eye on them. Kids don’t mean to, but oftentimes they get excited and loud, and too much noise during dinner might irk other guests
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  • Samantha
    Super June 2021 Ontario
    Samantha ·
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    If they were more of the pre-teen/ teenager age then I'd think about doing a kids table, but most are younger than that so I'll be sitting them with their parents so they can keep an eye on them. I'd also be stressed out if I wasn't sitting next to my young kids so I'd imagine that other parents would feel the same. I feel like the kids would also feel better about being with their parents at that age too and would just end up on their parent's lap during dinner if they were to be separated. So better to plan for the kids to just join their parent's table in advance.

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  • K
    Beginner August 2020 New Brunswick
    Karly ·
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    I really love the idea of a kids table where they all sit together but have personally decided against it 😕 Only because I have kids of my own and know if I was a guest at a wedding where they could possibly be causing a commotion and I’m not right there to stop it that would stress me out lol
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  • Kelsie
    Master July 2021 Ontario
    Kelsie ·
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    I'm having them sit with their parents for the exact reason Amelia mentioned -so their parents can watch them.

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  • Amelia
    Master October 2020 New Brunswick
    Amelia ·
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    I would probably put them with their parents at dinner and maybe give them their own space for the reception with activities. That way their parents can have a little control during the meal and a little break later on!
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