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Deanna, on April 17, 2021 at 19:39 Posted in Alberta 0 4
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Hey brides!

How’s all the planning going? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the planning. We already postponed once, and we don’t want to postpone again. Both sides of our families keep pushing us to postpone till next year but we just want to be married already. Does anyone else feel that pressure from family? Do you feel that everyone is just meh about the wedding?


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  • Teri
    Curious July 2021 Alberta
    Teri ·
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    Definitely getting tired of the planning! We are supposed to get married June 12th, in Lake Louise. But with the rise of cases I am losing hope of anything higher than a 10 person ceremony anytime soon. We would all have to drive down from Sask, and wanted our immediate family there (about 18). Now we are debating saving the money and getting married here at home. I have lost all ambition of planning scenarios, and we want to keep our family members safe. Ready to just get married and have a Reception later with everyone when it's safe.
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  • Kristine
    Newbie June 2021 Alberta
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    There are too many restrictions that came back since the number of cases went up again and we're worried that the reception might not be possible. We're also tired of thinking about these stuff already. Our wedding is happening this June, we don't want to change the date anymore so whether the restrictions might get lifted or not, we're doing it! We feel the same, "we just want to be married already". Just do it. Wedding should be about the two of you anyway. Family and friends are just special addition. I've argued alot about this with my mom but in the end, whatever decisions you two have, it should be respected Smiley heart

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  • Anah
    Beginner June 2021 Alberta
    Anah ·
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    Yes and Yes.

    We postponed already once last year, not doing it again. I am so sick of planning this rollercoaster wedding. One month we can, next month who knows, month after that no again. Some people in our family have made this whole wedding experience a nightmare and we just want to get married now, regardless of the restrictions.

    We cancelled everything but our ceremony and are planning for the 10 people that the guidelines allow and that is it. We got push back, but basically told those people to shove it. At the end of the day it's not worth all this stress, it is about love and commitment of you and your future husband, not about other people's wants and needs.

    Some of family/friends seem to be just meh about the wedding now too. So it's like why even have a wedding if no one is even excited for us anymore (we were engaged in 2018) So we are just going to save the money we would have put towards the reception and use it for an amazing honeymoon.

    My advice is to do what makes you both happy, not anyone else. Do the things that are important to you and consider what you and the hubs will or will not regret doing. Push back on the people pushing you, it is NOT about them.

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  • Amanda
    Featured August 2022 British Columbia
    Amanda ·
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    My fiance and I are somewhat in a similar situation. We've both decided that we're going to postpone for a second time since we're getting married in BC and not in Edmonton where we live, we don't want to risk all of our family and friends to fly/drive out there and jeopardize their health and safety. We want to have a wedding to remember and not have to worry about wearing masks and not being able to have a reception afterwards.

    My MIL is insisting that we get married anyways and have a big party for everyone next year and we just basically told her no, this is our day and we don't want to look back and regret anything .

    I would honestly stand up to those people that are wanting you to postpone and just tell them how you feel. This is your day and not theirs and if you guys really want to get married and not have to wait another year, go for it! It will be beautiful no matter what Smiley heart

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