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How to write a thank-you card for a gift you haven’t received yet?

Jenny, on October 6, 2022 at 13:02 Posted in Just married 0 3
So one of my friends who attended our wedding put a note in her card (which also had a candle and some money) that our other gift was still on the way. The problem is that I’ve looked over both of our registries and I don’t see anything purchased that we don’t have yet, so I have no idea what this gift is going to be. I want to thank her now, and was thinking of writing something like “we can’t wait to see what mystery gift you’ve sent us and will let you know as soon as it arrives” as part of her thank-you card, but idk if I like that wording or even how to word it better. I want to acknowledge that she has sent us something else even though we don’t have it yet, and ideally I’m going to be sending out my cards on Tuesday. Any ideas? Thanks for your help 😊


Latest activity by Vinod, on November 10, 2022 at 12:36
  • Vinod
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    I would wait to send the card out to her since you would want to thank for the money and gift. She will receive her card a bit later though you did receive the parcel. She may have purchased something personal to give you two apart from the registries possibly.

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  • Amanda
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    You always wait until you get the gift from her? You just got married a few weeks ago, there's still plenty of time to send out the thank you cards! My husband and I are sending ours out probably next week or the week after and we got married the beginning of August

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  • C
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    Carine ·
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    She could have looked at your registry and found that item somewhere else? I would just say thank you so much for the lovely candle, the money and looking forward to the 3rd gift, that once it arrives, you'll call her personally to thank her. That her generosity means a lot to the two of you. Just a simple thank you goes a long way to your guest.

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