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How To Participate in the WeddingWire Canada Contest

Lynnie, on October 9, 2017 at 15:49 Posted in Contest 0 1

Would you like to win $1000 to organize your wedding? Smiley love You can!

Every month WeddingWire Canada gives $1000 to one lucky couple to help plan their dream wedding!

How does it work?

Request contest entries ! Every entry has a number, and every month we draw a number from those entries and get a lucky winner.

Who can participate in the contest?

The contest is for Canadian residents only, excluding the residents of Quebec.

How do I get contest entries?

- Meet a vendor = 1 entry

- Book a vendor = 10 entries

- Review a vendor = 5 entries ( How To Review a Vendor )

- Publish your Real Wedding = 50 entries ( How To Submit your Real Wedding )

Where can I see my entries?

In the contest section of My wedding, you’ll be able to see all of your entries to the contest, their status and the edition of the contest in which they are participating. If you see them as “obtained” it means that you are already participating.

Waiting for validation?

Vendors are in charge of validating the entries from their business portal, so we ask you for a little patience! If you’ve been waiting for many many days for their validation, we suggest getting in touch directly with your vendor.

Can an entry serve for more than one edition of the contest?

Each entry obtained only serves for one edition of the contest and cannot be requested a second time. The entries pending for validation will count for the edition of the contest in which they will be validated.

How do we know the winners?

We post in the community to announce the winners each month, just check this Contest group ! . You can also see all the past contest winners of each edition here .


If you have any questions at all about the contest, just e-mail us at

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    I have 2 booked vendors that haven't responded to my request yet, and under my entries, they show as pending for those contest editions.

    If they finally do confirm my entries, will those be added to the next contest edition? Or do I have to re-request the entries?

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