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How long to send thank you cards out

Emma, on December 22, 2020 at 20:07 Posted in Just married 0 7
We got married 5 months and I've been working away at shower and wedding thank you cards but it's overwhelming to me. I've been told by friends that I've waited too long and it's not proper etiquette to wait this long? How long did everyone else take?


Latest activity by Vinod, on January 13, 2021 at 12:39
  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    Some believe there is an etiquette to send out Thank you cards though its not necessary now a days if you know your friends and family were there for you new start in life together and celebrating with you.

    A simple message can be said for everyone printed on a card of your choice for any site you choose. Vistaprint was my choice of making the card to the style of the invitation and letting my family and friends know their presence made all the difference in the world.

    A version of the card can be shown if interested to go this path.

    How long to send thank you cards out 1

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  • Linda
    Frequent user July 2021 British Columbia
    Linda ·
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    I had always thought it was 1 year from the day of the wedding that a couple has to send out cards. I've received cards 6 to 8 months away from the original wedding day and didn't think anything of it. I wouldn't let it go beyond a year though.

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  • Geneviève
    VIP September 2020 Ontario
    Geneviève ·
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    I don’t think there’s a set deadline for sending thank you cards, but it’s always better to be late than never. I’m not sure how many you have to do, but a good way to tackle them is to break it down into manageable chunks, like 5 a day and pick a time that is consistently quiet for you to be able to focus on them. I found having a handy breakdown (1. Thank you, 2. How you’ll use it, 3. General well wishes) close by helped me to peel them out and not worry about the wording. You can do it!
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  • Amanda
    Expert July 2022 Ontario
    Amanda ·
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    I had read typically 3 months, but I also don't think there is a SET period of time. Especially with COIVD this year has been a disaster in many ways, I would send them out as soon as you can.
    I know it will be stressful but no matter how long it takes I think the guests all deserve that.

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  • Laura
    Frequent user August 2022 Ontario
    Laura ·
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    I had looked this up online before and generally within 3 months if what I've seen. In my family we have always sent out thank you cards within 1-2 months. Usually that is because all wedding gifts were given at the bridal shower or on the wedding day itself, and we like to do them right away so that we don't forget who gave what. That being said, we have a very large family so it just feels easier to get it done and over with.

    Like Christiana said though, I think the pandemic gives you more leeway and I think it would be fine to send them now. I wouldn't wait more than 6 months though - perhaps in the new year since that will be ~6 months? Then you can add on the best wishes for 2021 and it will make it seem like the wait was more deliberate?

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  • Amelia
    Master October 2020 New Brunswick
    Amelia ·
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    I was under the impression that old fashioned etiquette is one year. Guests have 1 year to send gifts and you have 1 year to send thank yous.

    If you feel like it's too late now, imagine how you'll feel in 3 months. Do them as soon as you can and remove that stress and obligation from your life!
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  • Christiana
    Super November 2020 British Columbia
    Christiana ·
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    We only have a small handful to send out so they'll all be sent in the next couple weeks (within 6-8 weeks of our wedding day).

    I'm not an expert at all on etiquette but even if this is later than normal I think people will give you a break considering we're in the middle of a pandemic. Personally, I wouldn't think it was bad form/etiquette to receive a thank you card 5-6 months after a wedding under normal circumstances, but I'm not one for traditions or most formal social niceties so I'm sure others will have different opinions.

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