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Having a summer wedding despite Covid?

Emily, on April 6, 2021 at 21:01 Posted in Ontario 0 2

We're hoping to have our wedding despite COVID-19 in late August in Toronto. That said, we take the global health pandemic very seriously and want to make our wedding safe for everyone, while still also making it a wonderful and memorable time. Are you in the same predicament, and if so, what protocols are you having in place to make it a safe wedding for everyone? Any and all creative ideas are welcome. Thank you!


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  • Niki
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    Niki ·
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    We are getting married on June 6th, 2021 in Toronto as long as weddings are still happening, which even now in a stay-at-home order they are allowing it. The safety of our loved ones is also our priority and although with 15% capacity limits (which is 75 people in our church) we may not go near the max just to keep it safe. I want to have a table set up upon entry in the Church (if the Church doesn't already) with extra masks, sanitizer and some signs stressing keeping 2M apart etc. We are less than 2 months away and we don't even have invitations for our ceremony but somewhere and somehow I want our guests to feel no pressure to come if they feel uncomfortable OR if they feel any COVID symptoms. I dont want anyone showing up with symptoms and this is what concerns me as I dont know how to get this message across without being inappropriate.

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  • Hank
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    We're end of summer, Sept 5, so the week after you. And we're getting married on that day no matter what, unless wedding ceremonies are somehow banned.

    For us, it was always safety first. With the hindsight of the government's reaction from last year, we have learned that just because we can have 100 people, doesn't mean we should. So we've made peace with the fact long ago that our wedding won't be a regular wedding by any means, since we're also choosing to move ahead regardless of the restrictions.

    A lot of our plans are on hold at the moment, especially since we just entered another "lock down." Three weeks ago, I would've thought for sure our 25 person wedding can go ahead without a hitch but here we are.

    One thing is for certain, by keeping our guest list small, we don't need to do big things or have these huge moments for guests to be entertained. Speeches won't seem as tedious since it's like saying something at the dinner table as opposed to performing for a crowd. And a small group lends itself better to having conversation, where dancing won't even be missed (at least with my group).

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