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Beginner December 2020 Ontario

Gift ideas

Elaine, on August 9, 2019 at 22:56 Posted in Just married 0 6
Any married folks on here ? What was the best wedding gift you recieved?


Latest activity by Emily, on October 15, 2019 at 01:09
  • Emily
    Curious October 2020 British Columbia
    Emily ·
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    Nice, what great useful gifts!

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  • Sinéad
    WeddingWire Admin January 2025 Galway
    Sinéad ·
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    Hey Elaine! Are you creating your registry?

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  • Mandy
    Devoted July 2019 Alberta
    Mandy ·
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    My in-laws gifted us our honeymoon which was amazing. They made sure it was a place that I would love and it was. They had sent us to the Dominican.
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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    The best gift was my given by my dad and eldest brother of upgrading my Toyota Corolla CE to LE after 12 years. The red colour as my father chose was particular in mind for me. I am grateful to them and appreciate what they did from their hearts.

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  • Elaine
    Beginner December 2020 Ontario
    Elaine ·
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    Congrats on your wedding! Sweet. There is nothing better than really nice pans. Except maybe a great vacuum! Enjoy.
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  • DrB
    Frequent user August 2018 Ontario
    DrB ·
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    It’s a toss up- my parents bought us beautiful pots and pans and my in-laws bought us a Dyson vacuum- we put both things on our registry planning to buy them with the discount after the wedding (they were obscenely expensive- we never expected anyone to buy them)- they were the first two things gone!
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