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Father-daughter Dance

Hannah, on July 4, 2022 at 17:37 Posted in Wedding reception 0 5
Needing some advice on a father-daughter first dance. My father and only brother have both passed away. I’m not close with my FIL and all of my grandfathers have passed away. What did you do or what have you seen done in these circumstances? I really don’t want to miss out on this special moment but there’s no one particular person whose been a father figure to me since my dad died. Should I just forget about a father-daughter dance all together?


Latest activity by Danielle, on July 5, 2022 at 13:31
  • Danielle
    Featured April 2022 Ontario
    Danielle ·
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    Are you close with your mother or a mother figure by chance? I danced to Carrie Underwood with my mom and it was really special! I did do a father-daughter dance with my step dad but I don’t think there are rules around these dances - You can have a special dance with anyone! Even a best friend Smiley smile
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  • Malyssa
    Featured October 2022 Alberta
    Malyssa ·
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    For me, I don't know my dad, don't have any close uncles or anything like that. My besties dad is pretty close but not enough to share that type of moment with. So I'll do a dance with my mom. She's my number 1 so it made sense for us.
    So I don't think it needs to be particular with a father figure, can just be with anyone you are close with and want to have a dance with.
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  • Alyx
    Featured September 2022 Alberta
    Alyx ·
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    I chose to dance with my uncle, who I’m not that close with anymore we grew up like siblings because I lived with my grandparents. My grandpa was like my dad but he passed.
    I wish that I didn’t do a dance with my uncle and just left it out. I’m not doing every tradition anyway. It’s caused me way more stress choosing a song that doesn’t feel right and I’ve always pictured dancing with my grandpa to a certain song.
    This feels too forced and not special. I’m fine with him walking me down the aisle but I wish I wasn’t doing a dance with him. And it has nothing to do with him I love him! It’s just my feelings about my grandpa anyways lol too late now I asked him like last year
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  • Hank
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    Hank ·
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    It's not really a special moment if your special people are not there with you to have it. Forcing yourself to have a father-daughter dance with a person who is not a father figure for you for FOMO reasons is the opposite of what makes such a moment special. I would just opt not to have one.

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  • Marsha
    Featured July 2022 Ontario
    Marsha ·
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    Well here is my thought. I wasnt going to do a father daughter dance because i been married before and i am also older and thought it isnt happening. I was told that father daughter and mother son dances are not necessary if you dont want to. I just recently changed my mind and will be dancing with both of my dads one dad is a medly and one dad is one song. But i dont have either of them walking me down the isle it will be my son.

    so what am trying to say, is do what you want to do. dont find a man do a dance it if your not fully in it, Smiley smile

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