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Engagement Photos = Anxiety

Breanne, on August 23, 2018 at 22:57 Posted in Before the wedding 0 6
Hey Everyone!

So my engagement photos are less than a month away and I’m starting to panic!

I’m a bigger gal, so having my photo taken has always caused me a bit of anxiety, but knowing these are engagement pictures gives it an extra boost!

Im struggling with what to wear and what will flatter me! Any suggestions?

I have been exercising and eating healthy, but I’m not where I wanted to be.


Latest activity by Jennifer, on August 24, 2018 at 22:48
  • Jennifer
    Super August 2018 Alberta
    Jennifer ·
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    I regret wearing an outfit that I even needed spanx for! I would recommend wearing something you feel confident in and don’t feel the need to wear any shapewear.
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  • Brittany
    British Columbia
    Brittany ·
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    Girrrrrl. I was you, one month ago. We had our engagement photos taken on July 22. I had lost about 12 lbs since getting engaged, still about 40 lbs away from my "goal weight"... But I tried to remind myself that he loves me no matter what.

    I picked 2 outfits for the photos, a laid-back casual look, and a fancier look. The advice I received that worked great and I'll pass on to you is:

    - One pattern at a time. One of you can be in a pattern, preferably something larger/simple. The other should be in solids.

    - Wear complimentary colours, not matching. My FH had a plaid shirt that had teal stripes in it, so I wore a teal shirt... For our 'formal' look, he wore black, so I had free range to play with colour.

    - Do not wear logos, neons, or big accessories (ex, hats). They are distracting, and neon reflects on the skin.

    - Do not wear something brand new. I bought a romper for our fancy look, and I wore it to work one day so I could "break it in" and get used to wearing it.

    One piece of advice I'll give you, from one curvy girl to another, don't wear flimsy clothing. I felt more comfortable in my casual look, but in photos, it looked very soft and not as flattering. The romper was much more structured, and that gave it a more polished/slimming look. I would still recommend including casual look, but maybe look for a nice button up plaid top, or blouse... it will be more structured for photos.

    I also would suggest doing more standing/angled poses than seated ones. I look so chubby in all the ones where we were seated. Also, any chance we had for my FH to wrap his arms around my waist, or for me to tuck in behind his arms a bit, it really created a slimming look for me.

    I included our 2 looks and a few poses for you to see for reference.

    The number one thing I can say is: Just have fun. Once I stopped over thinking it, I really enjoyed the experience of being able to cuddle up close to my hubby, smiling, kissing, and laughing. I was so anxious to get the photos back, because I knew I would pick apart those rolls, double chins, and chubby cheeks... but that all melted away. I just love the photos, and I mostly love how much love you can see/feel between me and my FH. We are always harshest on ourselves.

    Now, I'm not saying don't worry, it doesn't matter, obviously we care, and it does... but just a few simple tricks with wardrobe and poses, and you'll be able to have some amazing photos!

    *I apologize for the many photos... I just wanted to show what I was referring to Smiley smile

    Engagement Photos = Anxiety 1Engagement Photos = Anxiety 2Engagement Photos = Anxiety 3Engagement Photos = Anxiety 4Engagement Photos = Anxiety 5Engagement Photos = Anxiety 6

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  • Tori
    Top October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·
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    I'm there with you man! We all pick out the things that we don't like about our bodies so when I say that it won't matter to others I mean it. At the same time I am with you on this so my recommendations would be to wear something that accentuates your best assets whether that is your chest, butt, legs, or smile Smiley smile

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  • Raposo-Teixeira
    Curious July 2020 Alberta
    Raposo-Teixeira ·
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    I promise you everything will turn out great. I was super anxious about what to wear and in the end my fiance and I had the best time and we were just in the moment. My best advice is wear something you love that makes you feel beautiful because we all are inside and out. If you have a favourite color or a color that looks great on wear it. Also don't be afraid to wear white also as let's be real, only time we can soak in wearing all this white lol. Enjoy it'll be great
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  • Alexandra
    VIP November 2019 British Columbia
    Alexandra ·
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    I completely understand. I’m in the exact same boat, and my fiancé is very thin so I’m very self conscious. I’m so back and forth on what I want to wear
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  • Andrea
    Curious September 2021 Ontario
    Andrea ·
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    Honestly I would wear what makes you feel the most attractive because it'll be a confidence booster! Or maybe there's a certain outfit or colour you know you look good in. I think if you confide in the photographer, they can figure out great angles or poses. I worry about similar things but try to look on the bright side Smiley laugh
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