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Bailey, on June 9, 2020 at 20:35 Posted in Wedding ceremony 0 8
Like many couples, we canceled our June 20, 2020 wedding due to COVID-19 and rescheduled to October 3, 2020. Did anyone elope on their actual date? I’m so attached to our original date and in AB with all the restrictions getting lifted this week I’m worried about what will happen in the fall now anyway. I don’t want to make our rebooked wedding less special, but we want to just get married.


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    Thank you for your response! This is what we ended up doing. We liked the eloping idea at first then felt panicked to get it done then realized it didn't feel right for us to have a second ceremony that wasn't "real" lol. We enjoyed the beautiful day together and decided if things go south again with restrictions in October then we will for sure get married that day with just family.

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  • Kailey
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    We have postponed our July 18 wedding as the restrictions were looking like they were going to open up enough (Ontario) after we postponed we saw they changed the limit to ten people (now 50 for outdoor ceremony only) and thought might as well see if we can still get married on the day we planned. We contacted city hall got an appointment contacted our officiant who will do a vow renewal next year for us and Evan got our photographer to come for a few hours to document the day. We are doing it in our backyard with our parents and siblings and my two girlfriends and I am happy we decided not dive into planning this. Next year will still have everything planned to recelebrate with all our family and friends but we have waited 12 years and didn't want to wait any longer and there is nothing more special than just wanting to marry your best friend

    We aren't sure we are even going to announce to anyone that we had this backyard wedding so nothing will change for the experience of all our guest next summer
    If you can get it all done in time I say go for it! We weren't sure made a few calls and it worked out everyone could make it happen
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  • Megan
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    We did! It was great. I really enjoyed the day, and it was still special. The only thing I wish we didn't do was go back to work the next day. I hope you can make it happen! Smiley smile

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    As a fellow ab bride we are getting married on our date of june 21st. Having immediate family and using zoom for those who couldnt be there to watch. We are still doing our original wedding plans for next year ceremony pictures ect as we had deposits for next june. It was so easy to get this smaller set up done and im so excited to wear my dress! Hope this helps! Just elope for your date!
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  • Vinod
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    Just as you eloped, many couples have done the same given the circumstances of this years new norm distancing. Pushing back on the reception/Renewal/Anniversary event for next year has been in thought to have all the guests cleared and able to make it so they enjoy. Some couples used ways to show their wedding online or zoom to those who could see it. Photos otherwise would be the alternative to send them if not recorded.

    On the note of elopement, its nice some city halls kept open only to make appointments or walk ins for marriage license due to the situation.

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  • Ashley
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    Lots of people had a small ceremony on their original date and then had the big party afterwards

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  • Tori
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    I've seen a couple brides on here still get married on their original date - and I'm pretty sure not a single one regrets it!!

    As long as you can get your marriage license and somebody to legally marry the two of you, I say to go for it. (Here in MB you have to get the license anywhere between 3 months before your intended date of use - to 24 hours before... we got ours like 30 hours before our wedding because we are such procrastinators Smiley tongue )

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  • Amelia
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    I'm not sure of the legal steps in AB, but is 10 days enough time to get the paperwork and the officiant sorted out? To me that seems like a lot of stress to keep the original date. Instead you could honor it with a fancy dinner together (takeout picnic at sunset?) or recreate a movie date (popcorn, twizlers, Netflix -chilling optional 😉) Even if you don't get married that day you can acknowledge the day and make it special.

    We're planning to keep our original date for an elopement or very small wedding (depending on travel restrictions) in October and have our reception for our first anniversary next October when we can hopefully have all our friends and family together.
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