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Curious November 2024 Ontario

diy Soup & Salad Buffet With Sandwich Station

Misty, on January 28, 2023 at 12:31 Posted in DIY 0 3
Hello all you brides to be,

I have a beautiful venue that I plan to sign with soon, but their food & buffet options were very boring and would not fit the theme to my wedding at all. But they said I can bring in my own food and drinks! I'm still going to opt out and have them handle the bar, as well as I'm hiring a DJ to emcee the entire night, play music and host karaoke during the reception. My venue is huge, and way more than is needed for my 40 person wedding, but I wanted the extra space to have buffet tables of drinks (hot and cold), food and deserts, along with a movie theater sized popcorn machine, a inflatable axe throwing game and a photo booth.
I'm have a renaissance fair inspired wedding, with the entire wedding party dressed in medieval attire - hence the importance of our banquet. We have the help òf my 4 teenage children and my 2 cousins, so I figure for 40 people we could manage something fitting for our November event.
We have decided to have a soup and salad buffet, along with a sandwich bar to accommodate everyone's dietary needs & preferences (plus the rustic simplicity of it really goes well with our theme). So far I have figured the selections out, and have made sure to stick with selections that can be prepared ahead of time without being overly time consuming, but still come across as seasonal and elevated from your typical sandwiches at home.
As I'm going through my checklists of other elements to plan I came across table menus. Now I know there is no need for menus with the type of buffet we are having, but I was thinking maybe I should make a sandwich suggestion menu with pairings to help people think out of the box, or maybe soup/salad suggestions that go well with a meat or condiment option on their sandwiches. I would probably have these printed up and displayed on the dinning tables for people to look over while they're waiting to go up.
Thoughts? Does this sound like a good idea, or am I just complicating things?


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    Curious November 2024 Ontario
    Misty ·
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    Yes, they meant that we could bring in our own food that we prepare. It's a clubhouse, so they're a little more relaxed about somethings, as well as both my fiancée and I have our food handlers (which they said they will need photocopies off a week before the event. They offer use of their kitchen for $150 a day, which is how we would refrigerate/heat stuff the morning of, as long with us renting soup urns.
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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    I mentioned this in your other post but double check with your venue that when they said you can bring in your own food, they literally mean you and your party bringing in food that you prepare yourself (as opposed to bringing in an outside licensed caterer). It may not seem like a big deal but as a business operator with a food handling license, there are major legal and insurance risks in allowing unlicensed food handlers bring in food and serving it to guests.

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  • Jenn
    Devoted August 2025 Ontario
    Jenn ·
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    I think the menu of pairing suggestions is a great idea! People can stray if they want, but if they are individuals who get overwhelmed when they have to make all the decisions, having suggestions is a life-saver

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