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Couples getting married on October 16, 2021 in Quebec

Meghan, on January 1, 2021 at 17:41 Posted in Quebec 0 3
Hey guys! We're getting married on October 16th 2021 at Oasis de L'ile in Saint-Eustache. We'd love any tips anyone might have! Thanks in advance Smiley smile


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    Hi Anna!

    We wanted to also book at Plaza Rive-Sud in La Prairie. We went and looked at the place. But when we followed up with Peter he didn't respond our calls and was extremely rude in emails. :///

    Do you happen to know what restrictions are in October? I've heard dancing is not allowed.

    Happy wedding planning Smiley smile

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  • Katrine
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    Hey everyone! We postponed our wedding that was supposed to be October 17th 2020 to October 16th 2021. We are getting married in quebec city!!! Got the venue, the dress, working on small things slowly.. kinda hoping that covid wont hinder our plans.
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  • Anna
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    Hello! Smiley smile Congratulations, you picked an amazing day! Not too cold, and with gorgeous fall colours! We are getting married at Plaza Rive-Sud in La Prairie on the same day! Did you guys get your wedding coordinator yet to plan the event? We were told we'd get one in Jan-Feb, with whom we'll be able to finally plan the ceremony and reception (layout, menu, schedule). For anything extra that is not included in the price per table, we're trying to do as much DIY as we can, or get vendors who are also friends to stay within budget! I actually found my wedding dress at a fripe-prix and will alter it to my own design! Smiley smile What have you guys planned so far? Do you have any vendors booked yet?Smiley smile - Anna

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