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Beginner March 2023 British Columbia

Couples getting married on March 3, 2023 in British Columbia

Nicole, on October 16, 2022 at 17:28 Posted in British Columbia 0 1
Hi everyone! The big day is getting closer and closer!!

Where is everyone getting married? Any tips and tricks?
I went to my best friends wedding last night and picked up a few tips, mainly things I was thinking of excluding.
Number one:You definitely cannot have enough signs. Go crazy with the signage. Do signs for everything.
Number two: Don’t skip on wedding programs, they would have been surprisingly useful yesterday.
Number three:Have the option for a cocktail before the ceremony for guests. Or juice or soda or something.
It was such a whirlwind of a day, and if it felt like that for me as a guest, I can’t imagine how quickly it will go as a bride!
Can’t wait to chat with you all!

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Latest activity by Kaitlin, on January 7, 2023 at 03:22
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    Totally HAVE DRINKS/REFRESHMENTS available at all times. Went to a friend's wedding and we were trapped in the middle of nowhere and she had nothing ALL DAY! just after dinner the bar opened. she did it to avoid the drunk uncles - the drunk uncles brought their own supply!!

    We had shots at the entrance to get the party started.

    Depending on the venue, you may need someone watching the door during set up. Ours was a hall and randoms kept trying to use the bathroom. Something grew legs and walked off. It was a private party and hall, not public washrooms.

    If your photographer isn't coming for the reception, ask a couple people to take pictures for you. I wish i had more of the party.

    We had signature cocktails, a his, a hers, and an ours. Everyone loved the personal touch.

    A bar menu at the table. the menu kept the bar line to a minimum. We did a toonie bar, this depends on your venue. We would've done open but I've been to too many wedding where there are just abandoned drinks everywhere.

    If the venue is tricky send out a pin. Or also give the address of something nearby.

    I didn't order enough cakes thinking no one really ate dessert that I knew.

    Clean up crew!

    ANNNNND if you're drinking have someone make sure you eat a midnight snack. I did not drink more than 5, but barely eating dinner combined with missing out on midnight snack, i felt horrible at the gift opening/ cleanup the next morning. People feed ya drinks, but what you really need is pizza!

    Get your MIL drunk - its funny. Or maybe one of your bridesmaids can - i recently did it at a friend's.

    YES the day is a whirl wind! we did the reception and ceremony on separate days, and I have no clue how people do it in one!!!

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