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Couples getting married on March 18, 2023 in British Columbia

Brianna, on September 2, 2021 at 15:49 Posted in British Columbia 0 3

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To the couples getting married on March.18/2023 in BC or wherever else & I thought it would be fun to just start a thread!

Is there a certain reason all of you also picked that date? For us, my birthday is on the 18th of April, his birthday is on the 18th of December, and so "18" has always just been "our number" (corny couple stuff lol). Didn't really matter what month to me, but I really wanted it to be on the 18th!

Have you guys booked and organized much yet? Or are you still waiting?

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    Aww that’s cute! #18 is your number! Congrats❤️ For us we’re having a wedding on August 4, 2022. We are legally married on august 1, 2013 and my oldest daughter was born on august 15, 2014. So we like to keep it in august close to our legal date. Also it will be a Thursday wedding which is much cheaper!😍😁😁
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    Hello Brianna,
    That’s a very cute idea! I love it!!
    I’m getting married October 16th, 2021 (pretty soon — eeks! 😁). We were trying to choose a date closer to when our house was going to be completed! Then we had to change venue and was waiting to confirm what date the venue was available. They gave us the November 19th (too late and cold!) since we wanted the ceremony outside with the fall leaves. We requested that the venue reaches out to us should anyone drop out of their contract! Soooooooo yeaaaah… someone did and we got that date! 😂😂
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  • Amanda
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    Hi Brianna! I'm not getting married in 2023 but August 2022. I love the story behind the number 18! Super cute!

    How is everything going with your planning?! Have you booked your venue or any vendors yet?

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