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Couples getting married on July 31, 2021 in New Brunswick

Janice, on January 11, 2021 at 08:58 Posted in New Brunswick 0 1
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Our names are Janice & Allan. We live in Moncton and are planning our small wedding for Saturday July 31st, 2021 at La Teraz on Church St.

Our initial date was July 31st, 2020 but because of the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, we made the hard decision to postpone our wedding to this year. It was hoped that conditions would be better, restrictions would be lessened and more information would be available as to how to have gathering such as weddings.

Our immediate families live in NS, PEI, and Ontario. We do not want a large wedding, it is the second time for both of us, we are widowers who just happened to meet one cold November night while walking our dogs. When our Atlantic bubble was in place and the two week mandated quarantine for non-residents, I had a good feeling that we could have our wedding as I had envisioned. Now that the Bubble has burst and NB is doing poorly, and with our infection numbers increasing, I am not uncertain what our wedding will look like or what I am allowed to have, give out, or plan for.

I am going to contact Dan (the owner of LaTeraz) today and Christine (our Wedding planner/decorator) to find out what they know at the time.

I am a very hands on person and like to be somewhat in control but this pandemic is making me very anxious and incisive. Qualities that I am not use to.

What have you couples found out about your wedding plans and what are you doing? Please share.


Janice & Allan

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    Hi Janice (& Alan)! Welcome to the wedding wire community.

    I'm from Saint John NB and I have family that was also effected by the bursting of the Atlantic Bubble. I really hope that they will reinstate it, at the very least for the spring/summer season when people can spend time together outdoors. My husband Taylor and I got married in October (just before the bubble burst) with our wedding party and some of our immediate family. His parents and my brother were unable to come because of border closures. We're hopeful that we can have everyone together for our reception in the fall!
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