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Clinking glasses or kissing games?

Tara, on June 8, 2017 at 19:41 Posted in Wedding reception 0 10

Hi ladies! I am trying to come up with some unique ways to avoid the ever-persistent glasses-clinkers! I have heard of different games that we can get our guests to play in order for us to kiss! Another couple kisses and we copy, someone has to sing part of a love song and we kiss based on the amount of effort put in, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas of possible games that work well, or ones that don't? Thanks in advance! Smiley heart


Latest activity by Michelle, on March 27, 2018 at 12:48
  • Michelle
    Curious October 2018 Ontario
    Michelle ·
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    I love this idea!!Smiley heart I might just do the same!

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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    Ring the bell for a kiss. Also a clip to hold the menu.

    Clinking glasses or kissing games? 1
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  • Bethany
    Super July 2018 Alberta
    Bethany ·
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    Yes I've heard of the kissing menu, plinko, tell a story, sing a song, cowbells, there are so many options! In still contemplating what to do though as well!
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  • Sonja
    VIP September 2017 Ontario
    Sonja ·
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    I really enjoyed your reply. Some great ideas here and I really like the honeymoon jar.

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  • Marissa
    Curious August 2017 British Columbia
    Marissa ·
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    I don't have the photo on here but on a facebook group someone was selling a "kissing menu" poster.

    It says:

    Kissing menu

    Don't clink your glass for a newlywed kiss. You'll have to work much harder than that! To get us to smooch you, you may need some hooch to brave one of the feats on this list.
    The better the performance the longer the kiss!
    The Serenade

    Have your table sing us a love song
    The Entertainer
    Do a silly dance
    The Comic
    Share a funny story about you and the bride and/or groom
    Newlywed Trivia
    Answer a question about the bride and the groom
    The Example
    Demonstrate a kiss for us to copy
    The French Toast
    Share some time honored marriage advice
    The Heart Warmer
    Share a sentimental and sweet toast. If we get a little misty, we'll totally make out afterwards.

    Thought it was kind of cute Smiley smile

    I've also seen people do a honeymoon jar (for cash, the bigger the amount, the more outrageous the kiss).
    Or, same idea, a cash jar that is then donated to a charity that is stated on it.
    Both seem to work well from what I've seen.

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  • Loni
    Devoted September 2018 Ontario
    Loni ·
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    I'm trying to figure this out too! There's actually a rule at my venue that glass clinking isn't allowed Smiley amazing It's a pretty fancy place and I guess they're worried about broken glasses maybe? I suppose we'll have to announce this at the beginning of the night.

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  • Laura
    Super September 2017 Alberta
    Laura ·
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    I'm planning on doing a kissing menu to go on the tables. I have been to weddings where you had to sing a song with the word love in it and that was fund (our entire table stood up and sang the national anthem for them Smiley smile) My brother's wedding then had all the couples take turns demonstrating a kiss and then my brother and SIL had to copy them. I am going to include a bunch of different things so people can do what they are comfortable with but I will be able to avoid the glass clinkers or at least get them to do something when they clink. I haven't found one that I am 100% happy with so I might just mash a bunch together and come up with my own. Smiley heart

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  • Chelsea
    Master August 2017 Ontario
    Chelsea ·
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    My friends didn't do a game, but instead they had people pay money to donate to a charity of their choice in order for them to kiss. The more money donated, the longer the kiss!
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  • Katherine
    Frequent user August 2017 Quebec
    Katherine ·
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    I was at a wedding were they had other couple kiss in front of the bride and groom and it meant that it didn't happen often as it was kind of awkward. It was on their parents and grandparents that's did it so it happened maybe five times. Another wedding a went to recently did the clinking glasses and it was non stop and it got annoying after a while since there wasn't much dancing it interrupted many conversations
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  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·
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    My FH was MC at his sister's wedding and people had to tell a dirty joke in order for them to kiss.
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