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Marz, on August 27, 2021 at 00:14 Posted in Quebec 0 3
Hello everyone. my first time here to get help from this app. Me and fiancé went to a notary today for the 1st appointment (as per the process), our official date would be on Oct13 this year. We're planning to just get married in the notary office and just go to a restaurant for a dinner after. Is there a good venue that could accommodate for less than 20 guests? I also have no idea for a dress since it's a civil wedding. I'm so anxious about it. Thank you for the people who will take time to answer my concern. 😍


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    Community halls are great for a small space weddings to hold 20 guests and follow through with a restaurant booking at a restaurant near by the hall. It can work and be less expensive than a regular venue.

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    The food really doesnt matter. I just need a venue to eat with family. Not much expensive since we're gonna get married in a church next year.
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    Hello Marz,
    That sounds like a lovely idea. My fiancé and I were planning to do that and then I changed course. Haha

    What kind of food do you have in mind? Does it matter? Also, are you thinking about long dress or short? And what’s your budget?
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