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Curious July 2022 British Columbia

Changing name or hyphenating debate. Need advice

Genna, on November 28, 2021 at 18:18 Posted in Before the wedding 0 4

I live in Alberta and my current last name is linked to my business and of course shows up on my taxes. I have 2 concerns.

1. I dont want to have to change ALL my information to accommodate the new name especially when it comes to my business plus all my diplomas are in my maiden name
2. I dont want my ex knowing Im married and we have to exchange taxes each year. He is high conflict and Id rather him not know because he is a trouble maker

Another issue is my maiden name is long, 9 letters long, my married name if I choose it is 8 letters long. If I hyphenate it will be huge and there wont be enough space on forms hahah. I dont know if you hyphenate if you can just use both names independently either.

Any help is MUCH appreciated!


Latest activity by Megan, on December 9, 2021 at 09:25
  • Megan
    Frequent user July 2023 Ontario
    Megan ·
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    I heard something I had never thought about the other day. Apparently, things like crossing the border, etc are much easier when you have children if you share a last name. Not sure how hyphenation would impact that. But just something to consider if you are wanting kids in the future!

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  • Abbie
    Devoted June 2022 Nova Scotia
    Abbie ·
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    Hi Genna! Sorry to hear about the toxic
    Ex :/ I don’t really have any advice because I’m also still trying to figure out what to do, but I wanted to say I feel your pain on hyphenating not being an option - I have 12 letters and my fiancé has 11 🙈
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  • Stacey Tc
    Devoted August 2022 Saskatchewan
    Stacey Tc ·
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    I'm not sure if this is the same in Alberta as Sask, but what about just assuming your married name in every aspect except legally?

    In Sask, you can legally go by any part of your legal name so my First Middle and Last is on all my government, medical and banking info. If I today decide to start going by First Middle and signing everything that way, I could (though I wouldn't do that on anything federally). Or if I legally had a different surname from a previous marriage or new marriage, I can just start using it without applying to use it.
    A marriage certificate is a legal document, and in some places (specifically talking Sask) you don't have to apply to change your name to "new surname". I haven't looked into the Government of Canada rules and regulations yet, just provincially.

    Though as Laura said, if you're filing taxes with your ex, you have to indicate you're married even if keeping your birth name (or ex's name, whatever the situation)

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  • Laura
    Devoted June 2022 Ontario
    Laura ·
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    That's definitely a dilemma. I'm with you that I'm known professionally as my maiden name and that's part of the reason I'm just keeping mine.

    You can make your maiden name your middle name and then use your FH's surname as your new one, but I don't think you can have two last names without hyphenating. However, if you don't want to tip off your ex, then there's likely not much you can do. ALSO, if you exchange taxes with him, he's going to know your married anyways as you have to file as married with CRA once you are!

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