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Curious October 2022 Saskatchewan

Ceiling Drape Kits??

Erinn, on April 11, 2022 at 15:19 Posted in Wedding reception 0 2

Hello Ladies!

One of the first things I envisioned about our reception after we got engaged was beautiful white sheer drapery coming from the centre of the ceiling at our venue. Now we are getting closer and closer to the big day and it's time for me to nail down all my decorations!! Has anyone ever purchased a ceiling drape kit before? If so, where did you get it from? Or have you done DIY draping?? I'd love to see pictures of your big days if you have any!!


Latest activity by Eryn, on April 12, 2022 at 16:51
  • Eryn
    Curious September 2022 Ontario
    Eryn ·
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    This is definitely a tricky one. Personally, I've never done drapery of my own, but I have some knowledge of how it's done via relationships with people who have done it. I would highly suggest asking the venue first and foremost if you're allowed to do draping in their location and/or if they can provide it for you. I know my venue has it as an option, but some venues do not like people adding certain types of décor. If they allow it, please make sure 1000% it's flame retardant material. Accept absolutely nothing less. Nothing would ruin anything more than lighting causing a fire in the venue and adding more cost to your day. It's also a time-consuming process so be sure you have plenty of time before your event to set it up! Here's some other important things to be aware of:

    - find out how you'll get up there - are the ceilings accessible with just a tall ladder or will you need to use something like a scissor lift?

    - you need to find out which fitting for the central point will stay with their type of ceiling - panels, beams, completely flat, etc., and make sure your kit would have the appropriate fittings (clips, ropes, wire, etc.) or try and improvise a way that won't fall on your guests Phantom of the Opera style.

    - make sure you have enough drapery to cover the ceiling and plenty extra if you wanted to add the swoops! For ceilings that are 20 ft tall or less, the general formula to follow would be: 'feet of ceiling being covered X 1.25 = feet of fabric you need for 1 swoop' (if more than 20 ft tall, usually you go with 1.30). You can always fluctuate after the decimal point (i.e. 1.XX) to add more or less of a droop). Then multiply that by how many directions from the centre point you want to go!

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  • Brittany
    Featured August 2023 Alberta
    Brittany ·
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    Your best bet would be to look at possible rentals in the area. In Edmonton we have special event rentals that have the rental kit for the drapery and items used to hang it up.

    Renting is a bit expensive so I can not imagine what the price would be if you had to buy it yourself too.

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