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Newbie October 2017 Nova Scotia

Caricaturist for entertainment?

Heather, on October 2, 2016 at 22:38 Posted in Wedding reception 0 5

Has anyone ever heard of or been to a wedding that had a caricaturist for entertainment ?


Latest activity by Fernando, on October 6, 2016 at 19:33
  • Fernando
    Frequent user September 2017 Ontario
    Fernando ·
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    If we were going to have a smaller wedding it would be a great idea bit with 600 guests it would be impossible
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  • Olivia
    Frequent user January 2017 Nova Scotia
    Olivia ·
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    I love the idea!

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  • Nelly
    Expert September 2017 Ontario
    Nelly ·
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    Sounds really fun
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  • Valerie
    VIP April 2017 Ontario
    Valerie ·
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    Sounds super cute! I have not been to a wedding that's had one, but I think it would be really fun!

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  • Emilie
    Featured Quebec
    Emilie ·
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    Hi Heather Smiley heart

    I think a caricaturist is a great idea as it can also be a great gift for your guests! I always wanted to get a caricature of myself but just never happened to do it, so if it was there at a wedding I would definitely use that opportunity to get one. Smiley laugh

    I guess it could also be a good idea if you wanted to do different "entertainment" stations, like one for a photobooth, one for caricatures, etc. Is that the idea you had in mind?

    I also give more idea of games in these discussions:

    Fun Games for your Wedding Reception

    5 activities to keep your guests entertained

    Do you like the idea of having the bride performance? Smiley winking

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