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Newbie June 2024 Quebec

Bridal party sitting or standing

Brianna, on March 26, 2023 at 19:44 Posted in Wedding ceremony 1 4
Hey all! Question here. I am having a hard time deciding how to have the bridal party seated. My partner and I would like to be alone at the alter for a good chunk of the ceremony. We still want our bridal party to walk down the aisle and line up. At some point they’ll be asked to take a seat. Traditionally when this happens they go in the front row. I would like to keep that for immediate family only. Is it okay to have our parents and siblings in row 1 and then in the second row have our bridal party sit there?

How does this work walking back down the aisle? Has anyone done the split standing and sitting like this? What did it flow like?


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  • Joy
    Frequent user August 2023 Nova Scotia
    Joy ·
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    I know I need to sit, so I'm thinking of having chairs at the front, sort of as a row 0. I've seen that done before if you still want to have them be featured, but not necessarily in every photo. The common ones I've seen are either at an angle somewhat facing the middle and the rest of the rows, or in straight rows facing the couple, perpendicular to the rest of the seating. I've also seen the first row used, usually in smaller churches, so that's a good idea too. It all depends on the venue layout, and what everyone is comfortable with.

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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    Second row is fine. Or if the configuration allows for it, have them seated off to their respective sides near the front. Some churches have such sections for musicians and choral singers, usually near the exit toward the minister's office.

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  • Mila
    Frequent user October 2023 Ontario
    Mila ·
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    Hi! I think having them in the second row would be great! That way the front row never stays empty either.
    I was the MOH in my friends wedding who had us sit during most of it, and for walking back down the aisle we waited until the couple were practically at the end and then we exited the aisle in the pairs we walked in. It flowed well and the photos looked great.
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  • C
    VIP September 2023 Ontario
    Carine ·
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    Hi Brianna Congratulations and welcome to wedding wire.

    Instead of using the front seating for them have you thought about having seating off to each side, make like an L shape in the front row?

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