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Banquet Hall (wedding Anniversary)

Aatifa, on January 29, 2022 at 02:09 Posted in Ontario 0 2

Hello, I am looking for an affordable banquet hall to accommodate for under 100 guests in the price range of $1000 - $3000 (one thousand - three thousand CAD dollars). To give a brief history of my wedding…. it isn’t the best of a memory that I have. Firstly, my wedding dresses were a disaster, my wedding venue (the dance floor was full of wrappers, food and unnecessary garbage that all got caught on video and photos, so I do not like watching my wedding video or album as much), the wedding cake, the music, the quality of my video, etc (ah,you get the picture).

With this being said, regarding the banquet hall, I would like one with white floors (dance floor), for when the bride and groom dances and also for the wedding guests to dance on. I am looking for preferably white as to match my interior design and for the special bride and groom dance (I would love the effect of the smoky fog while my man and I dance for a dreamy effect). As mentioned prior, on my actual wedding day, on the dance floor, there were scraps of garbage just laying there, so it all got caught on video, which upsets me, to this day. Any advice on how to manage that, so that on my wedding anniversary photos and video, I do not have to face the same disappointment. My only two thoughts that come to mind are: to have waitresses clean the dance floor, in between intervals, so that my photos and video turn out great, or to not invite children (which is a bit of a problem, since most of my friends have children….). I would appreciate your intake on this!

Please kindly comment your suggestions for a banquet hall that has a price close to or around, more or less my budget and also kindly mention what is included in the package: (food and drinks, decor (flowers, table cloths, waitress(es), etc), smoke machine, etc etc). I reside in Toronto, Canada. Thank you in advance! I am hopeful that there is a venue for my budget because one of my friend’s had her party at a hall for $1200, which seemed reasonable, but the interior wasn’t what fit my idea of my big day. Fingers-crossed!Banquet Hall (wedding Anniversary) 1
Banquet Hall (wedding Anniversary) 2


Latest activity by Vinod, on February 5, 2022 at 16:38
  • Vinod
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    Vinod ·
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    My brothers took care of making our parents 50th anniversary to which the age limit was 18+ due to belly dance entertainment. It is disappointing to hear your dance floor was full of garbage when you had your first and not wanting to watch your video ever after. I would say banquet halls can can make arrangements to have the floor kept clean and have someone give a quick sweep before your dance. Check them out and ask that question if its available upon request and for white floors if it will cost extra.

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  • Lynnie
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    Lynnie ·
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    Hi Aatifa! Have you tried using WeddingWire's local venue search? You can narrow down the results by a closer geographical area, outdoor / indoor services, amenities, availability, and more:

    Toronto Wedding Venues

    Having an adults-only wedding would definitely make the garbage issue easier, but you should just be able to instruct the catering and wait staff to do regular sweeps of the dance floor to grab any obvious trash!

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