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Bachelorette Party Planning Shirts

Danika, on March 24, 2024 at 14:58 Posted in Before the wedding 0
I'm planning a Bachelorette party for my sister & the bridal party is going to make the shirts for it ourselves as one of the bridesmaids has a cricut. We're looking for 4 matching tank tops (3 blue, one white) but the problem We're running into is that one of the bridesmaids is pregnant and will be VERY pregnant by the time we get to that day, and I've scoured all corners of the internet and cannot find a company that offers bot maternity and non maternity blank tank tops for printing so I cannot find a maternity shirt to match the rest of them & I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/leads. Cause surely, this can't be the first time in history where the bridal party needed Bachelorette shirts where one of the girls was pregnant lol. Surely, there's a solution

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