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All the little details

Gloria, on January 11, 2022 at 14:06 Posted in Before the wedding 0 1


After postponing twice, I am hopeful that our wedding will happen this October. With that being said, I was hoping to get peoples thoughts on a few things - are there any "little details" that you will/wish you had added to your wedding. If you have pics, that would be wonderful.

My wedding will be more on the glam side, at a big hall. We will be having floral centerpieces, and a seating chart, sign in, and a card area. Do you suggest any additional signs or décor?

Advice is much appreciated! Smiley smile

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    One thing we wish we did was have our card table inside the hall instead of in the lobby. Because of the restrictions, our guests weren't really roaming around and pretty much sat at their seats once they got there (you couldn't take off your mask unless you were at your seat). So a lot of people ended up asking us where our card box is during the reception to give us their gift.

    I find a lot of times, the venue will have their own signage on where things are happen in random spots in case guests get lost or are in a random spot not in the vicinity of the wedding. It could be as simple as a text sign printed on standard white paper that they stick to a door or random wall. If you're opting for glam and the aesthetic overall is something you care about, maybe have a few extra signs saying where your ceremony or wedding will take place that the venue staff can place around the property (especially useful if multiple events/weddings are taking place in the same building).

    Our photographer didn't get any shots of the table arrangements and food since people were already seated when they arrived and started making themselves comfortable. If this is something you want, make sure you let the photographer know ahead of time and plan 15 minutes for them to get those shots before your guests enter the hall and take a seat.

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