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Affordable Wedding Venue

Aatifa, on November 9, 2020 at 18:23 Posted in Wedding ceremony 1 6
Hello, I hope you all are doing well. Firstly, I’d like to thank those who helped me out by giving me ideas regarding videography that is within my budget. As for the wedding venue, I have been looking around (to book it for January 2021), and the prices are sooo high! My budget is $500-$750, since it is a one day event. I’m thinking of maybe hiring a home designer to create a wedding theme look with the drapes and the design, but I’m not sure if that will have me satisfied. Any tips? And if you know of anyone or of a business that offers reasonable prices for wedding venues, please let me know! Thanks!


Latest activity by Leanne, on December 9, 2020 at 19:07
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    Curious June 2020 Ontario
    Leanne ·
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    The only thing I have found in that range for venues near me were Lions Club/ Community Centres. They're often very bare and industrial looking on the inside, but if you're willing to pay more for decorations, you can really turn them into something you want and you won't be stuck with whatever themes a more all-inclusive venue has to offer. Just make sure you also get your own liquor license or anything else needed to serve food and drinks inside. I'm sure it would be in the rental contract and they can explain all that.

    Pros of cheper venues are that you're in full control of how you set everything up and aren't stuck with the limited options a hotel kitchen is willing to provide, but the cons are that you might end up spending more overall and you're the one who needs to be in charge of coordinating everyone and everything to show up at the right time and place, so that's also something to consider.

    Just a caveat as well that I haven't been doing any research since the pandemic started. We just had the smallest ceremony possible and indefinitely postponed our reception so my advice might not completely map on to managing this safely right now.

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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    Venues on the smaller scale being golf courses to community centers can be affordable to your budget and guest list on how many your looking to invite. Keeping in mind you can have a decorator to make the space look nice at the same time and your guests having a good time for your celebration.

    You can make it a 2 way event in 1 space given you put the backdrop in front of the Head Table for the ceremony and then move it behind so that you have the reception following right after.

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  • Gloria
    Expert October 2022 Ontario
    Gloria ·
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    It really depends on how many people you’re hosting butttttt... have you thought of maybe having a backyard wedding? Because honestly venues take into consideration their costs as well. Also.. are you including alcohol?
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  • A-W
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    A-W ·
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    Maybe check out your local legion, town hall, or a local bar. Some bars are willing to rent out one of their rooms for events. But this option will depend on how big your wedding is and the bar may not allow outsources catering if they serve food.
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  • Alexis
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    Alexis ·
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    Maybe a golf course? The golf courses tend to have less expensive options. If you can stretch your budget at all that will really help but the rooms we rented for our venue are $500 each. Food makes it very expensive so our wedding is still going to be a lot of money. But I think you could find a room rental for that price. Just don’t feed anyone dinner because that’s where the biggest costs are.. Maybe you can find a way to add to the budget a little so you can have a cake and cash bar? Cake cutting is $2-3 per piece
    DIY music
    And then make sure it’s a place that includes tablecloths in the rental..
    It’s doable it’s just gonna take some searching.
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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    How many people are you hosting and what kind of wedding are you looking for? Because that's a really low number for any kind of venue rental, let alone one suitable for a wedding.

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